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For King and Country – Music with a Message

For the Smallbone family, members of the Christian contemporary band, “For King and Country“, their music has come to life with the release of “Priceless”.   Based on the song with the same name, the movie grapples with the issue of human trafficking, and in particular the prostitution rings resulting from this practice.
The main character (James), played by the band’s lead singer Joel Smallbone, has found himself at an impasse as he unknowingly becomes involved in a prostitution ring. Although James has done nothing “illegal”,  an “inner voice” is calling him to do the right thing, even at great risk to himself and to his relationship with his family. The underlying tone of this dilemma was captured with these lyrics;
No matter what you’ve heard,
This is what you’re worth
More than all the money or the diamonds and pearls
Oh, this is who you are
Yeah, this is who you are

The notion that the lead character, Antonia, (Bianca Santos) is nothing more than property, compels James to listen to this voice and take a stand against her oppressors, claiming the value of her life (and in fact all life) is indeed Priceless.

In addition to addressing an important moral issue of our time,  we are shown the hand of God acting in James, as his life priorities shift.  Often, not understanding, and sometimes denying, influenced by another pivotal character, Dale (David Koechner), James answers the call placed on his heart, changing many lives in the process.

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